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Shakeology Study-Maca Rood

One of the things that has just changed my life has been Shakeology. But, how do I share how amazing it is? I've decided to go on a journey through the ingredients of Shakeology to see just what makes Beachbody's Shakeology so different, and I intend to share my findings with you!
South American, high altitudes-where Maca Root is found

Maca Root

Maca Root is an ADAPTOGEN and due to its unique properties is considered one of the world's SUPER FOODS. 

I have researched various sites. This is directly from Shakeology and backs up everything I have researched:

"Maca has been used in indigenous South American societies as a source of nourishment and healing for thousands of years. Its other known names include:Lepidium meyenii, maca-maca, maino, ayak chichira, and ayak willku. A distant relative of radishes and turnips, maca grows in a variety of colors ranging from purple to golden. For this crop, there is only one season or yield per year. Each variety offers its own strengths: cream-colored means sweeter, while darker variations generally provide a better boost of energy. Maca has a strong, pungent aroma and is traditionally grown at altitudes of approximately 8,000 to 14,500 feet. For Shakeology, we use a blend of these roots, grown and sourced by local Andean farmers in a sustainable manner, which helps not only the land to thrive but the farmers, their families, and the communities in the process!

(Fun fact: The Spaniards valued maca so much, they made it a form of currency. So, when Peru was a Spanish colony, you could pay your taxes with it!)


Maca is widely known to promote endurance, strength, stamina, and potency. In fact, ancient Peruvian women would give maca to their men before they went off to battle. It contains high amounts of protein and has been known to energize the central nervous system. For centuries, maca root has been used to combat stress and fatigue, increase stamina, and yes, even boost libido! Maca is a nutrient-dense whole food packed with vitamins, plant sterols, dietary fiber, essential fatty acids, minerals (including calcium, magnesium, and iron), as well as 19 of the 22 essential amino acids. An adaptogen herb, it also may help support a healthy immune system. (Studies have identified four alkaloids present in maca known to nourish the endocrine system.) Ah . . . and let’s not forget the extra-special benefit that is attributed to maca; it’s an aphrodisiac! The root is sometimes referred to as “Nature’s Viagra®.” Lest you doubt the credibility of the aphrodisiac claim, it is in fact rooted in science. Maca root naturally contains high amounts of p-methoxybenzyl isothiacyanate, which studies show does have a positive effect on the libido. But hey, we’re just citing the known science . . . You be the judge!"
Please! There is so much more to read from this site!

Here is a list from another site that sheds like on this superfood, just one of the whole foods found in Shakeology.
Helps Menopause
We make sure it is grown by locals and at those high altitudes it being organic is easily achieved. 

Here’s a quick list of the potential benefits of Maca root for you:

•    balances mood
•    strengthens the skin
•    increases energy
•    increases libido and fertility
•    better sleep
•    helps your body adapt to stress
•    increases memory and brain power
•    anti-aging properties
•    anti-acne properties
•    increases endurance and stamina
•    reduces symptoms of PMS and menopause
•    helps to reduce aches and pains
•    strengthens hair and reduces hair loss

Maca Root is but ONE of the MANY nutrients found in Shakeology. I am already a believer...and I didn't become a believer in Shakeology easily. I was skeptical! The proof was in using the product. And I LOVE it. So, I want you to have the facts. I'm a fact kind of gal, and I think the more you know the more you will love Shakeology. Have questions? Want to try it for yourself? Message me! I'd love to share more with you!

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