Coach training coming soon.  
Links to spreadsheets, helpful Youtube videos, advice, and ways to become the best Coach!

For now, message me directly or your upline coach. Any information you need can be found on  Team Beachbody in the online coaching center. 

If you are new, don't feel overwhelmed by all the information. Concentrate simply on this:

1-Invite. Invite. Invite. Share Beachbody with at least 3 people daily. 
2-Be a product of the product. Workout and drink your Shakeology. 
3- Start reading personal development books now. I recommend The Compound Effect and The Slight Edge. 
4-Lift up others around you.

The rest will come! Remember, other coaches are there to help you! Reach out to them! Reach out to me! I'm so excited for you. You have chosen to strengthen you body and your mind, and, in doing so, your those around you will be strengthened! This is just the beginning of something really amazing!





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