Monday, January 2, 2017

Then and Now-My Fitness & Nutrition Transformation

I started using Beachbody products about 6 years ago-because the gym just wasn't convenient anymore with two little ones. We were in a new state, I was homeschooling, and a friend recommended P90X. I had seen the infomercials and, to be honest, I really didn't think at-home workouts worked! And, I had a hard time believing the results I saw on those Beachbody commercials could possibly be real. But I was desperate. That's how my Beachbody story began.

I've always struggled with my weight. In fact, when looking for a before photo, I am hard-pressed to find any because I just didn't "do" photos. My mom had some pictures from when I was pregnant-I was fat and sassy wasn't I?! I gained 70+ pounds. Who DOES that? Shows off their belly like that?? What was I thinking??

And then, there's one other pretty recent one when I was about 15-20 pounds heavier.

You have no idea how I have put this off, and yet I'm showing you because I want YOU to see what is possible.  I want you to know that you, too, can get rid of that baby weight, that it's NEVER too late to get back in shape or in shape for the first time. 

And I'm showing you because it's real, and I'm real, with real struggles.
Losing weight after pregnancy
My Before and After
I want you to know I've been there. I've felt miserable (despite those chipmunk cheek grins). And, I've felt the change from within when I took control of my weight and my life. And I would LOVE to help you do the same, feel the same. 

I coach so I can pay forward the transformation that fitness and nutrition and Beachbody has provided me. I coach so I can help you-someone just like me- lose weight, eat healthier, and get toned. But, just like I once was, you don't know how to get there.

I can get you there. I can help you reach your goals-once and for all. And, I can't wait to see your transformation, inside and out.

Questions? Want to know how to get started? Email me or fill out this Questionnaire

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Shakeology Study-Maca Rood

One of the things that has just changed my life has been Shakeology. But, how do I share how amazing it is? I've decided to go on a journey through the ingredients of Shakeology to see just what makes Beachbody's Shakeology so different, and I intend to share my findings with you!
South American, high altitudes-where Maca Root is found

Maca Root

Maca Root is an ADAPTOGEN and due to its unique properties is considered one of the world's SUPER FOODS. 

I have researched various sites. This is directly from Shakeology and backs up everything I have researched:

"Maca has been used in indigenous South American societies as a source of nourishment and healing for thousands of years. Its other known names include:Lepidium meyenii, maca-maca, maino, ayak chichira, and ayak willku. A distant relative of radishes and turnips, maca grows in a variety of colors ranging from purple to golden. For this crop, there is only one season or yield per year. Each variety offers its own strengths: cream-colored means sweeter, while darker variations generally provide a better boost of energy. Maca has a strong, pungent aroma and is traditionally grown at altitudes of approximately 8,000 to 14,500 feet. For Shakeology, we use a blend of these roots, grown and sourced by local Andean farmers in a sustainable manner, which helps not only the land to thrive but the farmers, their families, and the communities in the process!

(Fun fact: The Spaniards valued maca so much, they made it a form of currency. So, when Peru was a Spanish colony, you could pay your taxes with it!)


Maca is widely known to promote endurance, strength, stamina, and potency. In fact, ancient Peruvian women would give maca to their men before they went off to battle. It contains high amounts of protein and has been known to energize the central nervous system. For centuries, maca root has been used to combat stress and fatigue, increase stamina, and yes, even boost libido! Maca is a nutrient-dense whole food packed with vitamins, plant sterols, dietary fiber, essential fatty acids, minerals (including calcium, magnesium, and iron), as well as 19 of the 22 essential amino acids. An adaptogen herb, it also may help support a healthy immune system. (Studies have identified four alkaloids present in maca known to nourish the endocrine system.) Ah . . . and let’s not forget the extra-special benefit that is attributed to maca; it’s an aphrodisiac! The root is sometimes referred to as “Nature’s Viagra®.” Lest you doubt the credibility of the aphrodisiac claim, it is in fact rooted in science. Maca root naturally contains high amounts of p-methoxybenzyl isothiacyanate, which studies show does have a positive effect on the libido. But hey, we’re just citing the known science . . . You be the judge!"
Please! There is so much more to read from this site!

Here is a list from another site that sheds like on this superfood, just one of the whole foods found in Shakeology.
Helps Menopause
We make sure it is grown by locals and at those high altitudes it being organic is easily achieved. 

Here’s a quick list of the potential benefits of Maca root for you:

•    balances mood
•    strengthens the skin
•    increases energy
•    increases libido and fertility
•    better sleep
•    helps your body adapt to stress
•    increases memory and brain power
•    anti-aging properties
•    anti-acne properties
•    increases endurance and stamina
•    reduces symptoms of PMS and menopause
•    helps to reduce aches and pains
•    strengthens hair and reduces hair loss

Maca Root is but ONE of the MANY nutrients found in Shakeology. I am already a believer...and I didn't become a believer in Shakeology easily. I was skeptical! The proof was in using the product. And I LOVE it. So, I want you to have the facts. I'm a fact kind of gal, and I think the more you know the more you will love Shakeology. Have questions? Want to try it for yourself? Message me! I'd love to share more with you!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Get Paid To Get Healthy

Beachbody Health Bet

Need a little motivation to workout?! I bet this will get you pumped!
Beachbody is giving away over $1 million and you can automatically qualify to split a piece of the prize! All you have to do is participate in my September 5th Challenge Group on the My Challenge Tracker App and meet the in-app weekly tracking requirements each week during the Beachbody Health Bet Contest, September 5-October 2, 2016.

It’s that simple! If you track your progress during the qualifying weeks, you’ll get an equal share of the over $1 million cash prize.

Here’s exactly what you have to do to qualify:
1. JOIN: Talk to me, your Beachbody Coach, to get an invitation to join my September 5th Challenge Group.  You must be an active participant in the Challenge Group on the My Challenge Tracker app by September 5, 2016. Download the My Challenge Tracker App from your smart device app store.
2. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Use the app to log at least five Shakeology drinks with photos and three Beachbody workouts during all four qualification weeks.
3. QUALIFY: Log your Shakeology and workouts by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of each contest week:
Week 1: September 5–September 11
Week 2: September 12–September 18
Week 3: September 19–September 25
Week 4: September 26–October 2
4. CASH IN: Meet all the requirements and you’ll automatically win an equal share of the cash pot!
As an extra incentive, Beachbody will add $5 to the initial $1 million prize for every Challenge Pack sold on between July 27 and August 31, 2016, up to $3 Million total. There’s never been a better time to get healthy and fit!

Void where prohibited. Open to legal residents of the United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are 18 years or the age of majority or older at the start of the contest. Contest begins 12:00:00 AM PT on 9/5/16 and ends 11:59:59 PM PT on 10/2/16. Limit 1 entry per person. To enter, contestants must have a Team Beachbody account, the My Challenge Tracker app, and Shakeology. For complete rules and eligibility requirements, see here.

Sponsored by Beachbody, LLC.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Career in Unforeseen Times

Yesterday my husband had a heart attack. Words I pray you'll NEVER need to say. He is stable and recovering. 

But you just don't know what life is going to throw at you. Life stopped. Every single thing I was doing, that seemed so important, faded. 

He's sleeping now, and I am working. By his hospital bed. I'm working because it's the one thing that seems normal and is uplifting in this whole thing. But, what if I was the one paying the bills and had to LEAVE work, the source of income for my family's livlihood?  That would have devastating consequences in already devastating circumstances. 

This isn't why I coach. But it is one more reason that I feel blessed that I do. And it made me think of all the tough times people go through. Being able to coach anywhere and anytime is a blessing. Coaching allows you to take care of your family financially during those times a typical J-O-B would not. 

Your son gets hurt and you have to miss work and stay home with him?
-A coach works from home. No problem!

You want to visit your ailing parents but you just can't afford to miss work? 
-You set your own hours and can choose to take that time off or visit and work when you choose. 

You are a caretaker but need financial security?
-You can definitely do that. 

You get laid off of work?
-You're your own boss!

What I'm saying is life throws curve balls at you. But the bills are still due. The mortgage still has to be paid. Groceries. Gas. It all is still there. 

I pray that you never have to go through any of these struggles, but at least as a Coach you can handle them-without the added burden of finances.

 If you've ever considered coaching-for ANY reason-or if you'd like to learn more, message me. We will talk. Decide if it's right for you. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

4 Things I've Learned about Successful Beachbody Coaches

I want to share how Beachbody is impacting my life because I hope it will help you see if YOU would like to coach! I've now been a coach for 5 months-time flies. Here's what I've learned.

Email me. I'd love to show YOU how.

What I've Learned

Successful Coaches are Consistent Coaches

The coaches who consistently reach out to others and share their story, share their love for Beachbody, are the most successful. That seems obvious, I know. But, what I've learned is if I want to be the very best coach I can be, or if you want to be a top coach, you and I have to show up and share. Every. Single. Day. 

It's a Process

The first few months, sometimes I felt like I was not helping ANYONE. Just being honest here. I felt like I wasn't making ANY difference in other's lives. But, 5 months into it, I'm beginning to see the process unfold.  As a coach I know I HAVE to stick with it! If you are consistent and  stick with it, people WILL start coming to you! Better yet, those ladies you have been helping will reach their goals! And, do you KNOW how AWESOME it feels to see before and after photos of someone and they say, "Look what you helped me do!!"

So, stick with it. A process takes time.

You Have to Care

I think some people think this is about an easy dollar or that they should be making lots of money right away. Well, first off, if you are in it JUST to make money, I'll be honest: you aren't going to succeed. People will see right through you and know you don't really care about them. You have to -and I mean you MUST-truly care about other people. Your heart has to be in the right place. And when it is?! 

Well, THEN you DEFINITELY can make coaching your full-time career and live in a way you've only dreamed!

You Have to Work

So, if you are consistent. If you stick to in, knowing it's a process that times time, if you care, well, then, you have what it takes to be an amazing coach and absolutely change people's lives. You have what it takes to change you and your family's life and lifestyle. Hands down. This is the way. have to work. This isn't easy. You have to put systems in place that you will follow. You have to do your research, learn more, study more, be willing to sacrifice TV time. You have to take time to read personal development books and listen to audios in your car. You have to take care of your body. 

And, you have to work smart and hard. Day in and day out. Make your check lists and check it off. 

When you are your own boss no one is watching what you're doing. No one is expecting you at a certain hour. You have to expect MORE from YOURSELF. 

So, after 5 Months...

I'm still learning. And, I am certainly loving my life as a coach. I constantly meet wonderful women. I get to help others lose weight and see just how much they change on the INSIDE! It's crazy awesome!  I've opened my eyes to the bigger picture and that it really IS about helping others in this world, and coaching is my outlet to do just that. My kids are healthier because of my career choice. My husband, my mom and dad, are all healthier now.

And, I'm happier.

Oh, and, no, I'm not making $16,000 a week ....yet. But, my heart is in the right place. With every person I invite I truly want them to make the choice to get healthier for THEMSELVES. So, I'm not there....yet.

beachbody coach
And, yes, it's FUN!!

If you are interested in learning more or would like to know more about joining my team email me at

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Get a Glimpse Into the Life of a Coach

I get these questions. Every. Single. Day. Is this for real? I'm shy. Do I have to talk to people? I haven't reached my goal body/weight yet! How can I inspire people?? But, I'm not a salesperson.  How exactly do you get paid?! 💕So, June 20-22nd, I'm going to answer these questions and more. You have a questions? Nothing is off limits. I think it will be so much more helpful for all of you to get together and learn a little about what I do all day!😊❤️👊🏼 I'll have a private Facebook Group set up just for you. So message me on Facebook or shoot me an email. But, whatever you do, don't miss it!  Because those questions you've had but were afraid to ask?! Well-I'm answering them! Can't wait!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

6 Reasons Beachbody Programs Work

So! Is Beachbody Really All that Different?

I get this question, or some variation of this question a lot. And it's a great question!  I mean, if you are like I was, nothing seemed to work for me, so you are thinking why should this be any different? If you just trust me on this when I say IT IS! then you can skip this whole list and email me right now. But, you probably want some reasons that reasonate with you!

1. Each program comes with a nutrition guide: For once, a company focuses on both aspects of a healthy weight loss... BOTH exercise AND nutrition!

2. Each program has a schedule to follow: No need to be lost on what to do when... It is given to you!

3. There is a program out there for EVERYONE: Based on your Intensity level,  and if you have any restrictions from injuries.

4. Focus on LONG TERM vs. SHORT TERM LIFESTYLE: So many FAD diets are only temporary... The food and shakes are full of chemicals, and do not give you the proper nutrition, SO when you get off these foods and go back to regular food, you will eventually gain that weight back.

5. Time efficient: Being that I am a mom and my husband and I commute back and forth between states, I do not have 1 or 2 hours to spend at the gym, along with trying to raise two teens alone, while I travel back and forth to the gym.... Beachbody's home DVD programs give you the opportunity to work out in your own home, without having to leave the house and waste more time going back and forth.

6. Money saver:  Paying for a monthly gym membership... hmmm, I bet many of us know how that goes... we pay for a gym, but go months without stepping foot in a gym! I have found paying for a workout program that I have FOREVER makes me feel I'm getting the most out of my buck!

These are just some amazing benefits that Beachbody has provided me, that I can now share with many others and give everyone else the great opportunity I had!

So that is why I love the Beachbody Challenge I offer every month to you!

So, now you're asking, what is a Beachbody Challenge??

Another great question!

I, as a Beachbody coach, hold closed groups with the free Beachbody Challenger Tracker phone app, and I work with YOU to help you reach your ultimate health and fitness goals..

HOW does this work??
1.You and I pick your workout program and follow the schedule and nutrition guide

2. I give you daily motivation

3.I provide my challengers with healthy recipes

4.I provide my challengers with meal plans and help them make their own if they need help

5.We take before and after pictures to help track our progress of our journey

6.Challengers check in DAILY: Take 2 minutes to say how your day went.... Did you complete your daily workout, did you drink your Shakeology, and how did you eat? For my groups, I really like to work on what is behind the unhealthiness and work on mental strength as well.

* If you are willing to commit to the Beachbody Challenge, I PROMISE YOU RESULTS!!
The only way out of not getting the results you are looking for or more, is if you do not follow the program.

When I started my weightloss and fitness journey I was completing the workout programs successfully, having a personal trainer on my TV to push and motivate me, on top of a support group with people having the same goals as me help me through my tough times, and a coach to guide me and help me with meal planning and accountability, made all the difference!

I have NEVER found such an easy, convenient health and fitness plan, than those with Beachbody.  I have gone through several programs now including Insanity, P90X, TURBOFIRE, Asylum, Cize, Hammer & Chisel, The 21 Day Fix, Max Insanity 30, T25, Cize, and PiYo! Yeah, they are that good!!

You put in the effort, the commitment, and the time, and the results will follow right behind!