Take The Beachbody Challenge. Decide. Commit. Succeed

I’m a Beachbody Coach – but before that, I was a Beachbody CUSTOMER who needed to see RESULTS. I was a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling two kids, newly married, and in a town where I didn't know anyone, a long ways from the rest of my family.   I didn't have TIME to go to the gym with two young kids, and, to be honest, it was too much work just getting organized enough to get there. I was stressed, lonely, frustrated, and desperate. I needed to find something that WORKED. 

jamie michelle Beachbody coach
I am on a mission--to be the healthiest, most fit me I can be.
We can't do the same things over and over and expect different results!
Do something different-and let me help you get there.

In came Beachbody. A friend loaned me P90X, and, I’ll admit! At first I was skeptical! But, it didn’t take long and I was HOOKED. About that time I started hearing about INSANITY. It was everywhere I looked it seemed-everyone around me was using it and getting RESULTS. I already believed in Beachbody-I went for it.


I remember this feeling of RELIEF and DISBELIEF- I couldn't BELIEVE the changes in my body from Insanity, the eating plan, nutrient-dense shakes. And, the community of people working towards their fitness goals motivated and inspired me.

I remember looking in the mirror and actually smiling because I liked ME

I was STRONG. I was IN CONTROL of my choices. AND, I was HAPPY.

I felt like I was getting my life back! There was a ME in the daily grind and I taking care of ME felt GOOD.


We will, together, pick the workout that is best for you. You'll drink Shakeology.You'll have exclusive access to my fitness challenge group for encouragement and motivation. I will MAKE SURE you SUCCEED.

I DECIDED to try Beachbody. I COMMITTED myself to the workouts and the shakes. I SUCCEEDED. It really is just that easy for you, too.

Because of that, I have set out to pay it forward. Truly, I just want to share my journey. I know I can help other people like me – simply by showing them that they CAN feel confident in their own skin – they CAN feel great about the way they take care of their bodies. I know the lessons and tips I've learned these past 7 years as a Beachbody CUSTOMER will encourage other women who were and are like me. 
I absolutely LOVE what I do!!

That is what I want to do for YOU. I want to help YOU feel strong, help YOU feel confident in your own skin, EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE YOU.

If you knew that you don’t have to feel STUCK ANYMORE. And that you don’t have to eat food you hate or workout 5 hours a day. If you knew you WOULD get results-results that come with a PROMISE from ME personally AND a Money-Back Guarantee from Beachbody. If you KNEW you had NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN…wouldn’t you JUMP AT THE OPPORTUNITY??!

My results are NOT special to me! Men and women everywhere are seeing AMAZING results BECAUSE THIS PROGRAM WORKS. And I want you to let it work for you! I believe in you. Now it’s time that YOU believe in YOU.

These are REAL people -just like you and me! Can you relate to any of them? Normal, regular women who went for it! DECIDE. COMMIT. SUCCEED. 

Make today the first day of the rest of your life! YOU can DO this! Decide. Commit. Succeed.

So, what DOES it require from you?

A  home workout program as short as 30 Minutes
Following a simple meal plan with NORMAL food
Using a cute color-coded container system to learn portions
Drinking a superfood smoothie (or smoothie bowl) daily
And checking in with my fit family challenge group too!

And don’t worry – I’ll set you up with all your tools and help you every step of the way! That’s what I’m here for! 

Listen, if you are like I was, you've tried what you feel like is everything! And nothing has worked. Please, just trust me on this: THIS WILL WORK.

 If it could work for me-someone who has an extremely hard time losing weight and keeping it off, someone slightly addicted to Cheez-its. it can and WILL work for someone like you. Because you are JUST like ME. 

If it could work for me-someone who use to have no confidence, no sense of self-esteem, no idea of my worth-it CAN and WILL work for you. 

Are you ready to take the leap of faith! Want more information? Drop me a quick message over at Facebook~ OR fill out this form. You are capable of so much more than you know.

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